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Marble Surface


Part bakery and part laboratory, Cookie Lab Cincy is a female-owned business located within the heart of the west-side of Cincinnati. Made-to-order and from scratch, the scope of our artistic expression is limitless. 

Katie Osborne, owner and heart and soul of Cookie Lab Cincy, combines her fine art background and love of baking to bring each and every customer a totally unique experience. From design collaboration, to amazing customer service, Cookie Lab Cincy's love language is baking. 

We provide sweet {and often custom} confections for all of the major events in your life, including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and weddings. Whatever the festivity may be, we are your go-to bakery when the average store-bought dessert just won't do.


All items are made in accordance with the Ohio Cottage Food Production Operation Guidelines.

Owner Katie Osborne with her husband Chris, head of Quality Control.

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